Our team can provide you the right tools and content for your business. From simple descriptive websites to database-driven dynamic content. We can provide secure services, as well as form generation that will allow you to have the web content you and your customers want.

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Need a custom tool? New content to drive visitors to your site? Backups of existing data? Repair of your computer including virus scans and spyware removal? Hard disk recovery? Give us a call, we can help. Are your phone system charges out of control? We offer inclusive plans using state of the art systems with existing telephony equipment or VoIP systems.

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Huenix Services

Huenix Services specializes in providing web based content solutions for businesses. Our main specialty is inventory tracking and mangement products. We can also provide customized Voice-Over-IP solutions for small and medium sized businesses as well as computer system monitoring, design, build and deploy services, and maintenance.

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